Yeti by Richard Edde

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Deep within the remote mountains of Mongolia there exists a heinous mystery, one the locals have attempted to keep secret for generations.  Now, Harry Olson, a paleoanthropologist, is in the area excavating for early human fossils.  What his team discovers threatens to turn modern scientific knowledge on its head and disrupt the peaceful harmony of the largely superstitious country.  It is a discovery so appalling, so sinister, that the lives of the expedition members are at risk from a determined fossil pirate who learns of their discovery and vows to make it his own.  Harry and his research team fight to outwit the man who is out to kill them and steal their find but first they must escape the terrible evil they have uncovered…

Richard Edde, Biography-

Richard Edde was born and raised in Oklahoma. After college, he attended the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree in 1971. After a long career in academia and private practice, he retired to devote time to writing. His first novel, The Photograph, was released in 2014. His second novel, Yeti, was recently released by Black Opal Books. Dr. Edde resides in eastern Oklahoma with his wife.

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