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Last Wishes

There are a few of us who walk this earth who are lucky enough to have friendships that rival the bonds that we have to our own flesh and blood.  For these friends, we claim that there is little that we wouldn’t do for them.  We happily plan birthday parties and not so happily provide rides to and from airports.  If they need something, they don’t even need to ask, you give and you give gladly.

Like our flesh and blood family, these friends may also be our responsibility after they’ve died.  Many of us view a person’s last wishes as sacrosanct.  Being the last earthly request a loved one makes of us, last wishes are a big deal and the wishes of our dearest friends would be a priority to fulfill.

Or would they?  What if those last wishes went beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone?  What if the thought of fulfilling those wishes scare you more than the thought of a life without your friend around to share it?  It’s bad enough when friends ask favors of you like going to high school reunions together, but if you can say yes to that, could you find it within yourself to say yes to a horror-inducing final wish?

Sasha and Brynn, two characters from my new novella, Vicki Beautiful, are faced with this very dilemma when their dear friend Vicki meets a cruelly early end and leaves very specific wishes as to how she wants her body handled.  How far will the love of a lifelong friend take them towards fulfilling those wishes, even when the very thought of doing so makes their stomachs turn?


Vicki Beautiful, Synopsis

  • Publication Date: April 26, 2016
  • Publisher: Samhain
  • Novella

One last taste of perfection…

Sasha and Brynn descend upon the showplace home of their girlhood friend, Vicki, planning to celebrate her surviving cancer to reach her fortieth birthday. As they gather around Vicki’s perfectly set dinner table, though, her husband shares devastating news. The cancer is back, and she doesn’t have long to live.

Her life is cut even shorter than Sasha and Brynn expect—the next morning, their friend is found dead, her flawless skin slit at the wrists. But a tub full of blood is only the beginning. Before the weekend is through, they are forced to question how far they’re willing to go to fulfill Vicki’s last wish.

A very specific, very detailed recipe that only the truest of friends could stomach…

Somer Canon


Somer Canon is a minivan revving suburban mother who avoids her neighbors for fear of
being found out as a weirdo.  When she’s not peering out of her windows, she’s consuming books, movies, and video games that sate her need for blood, gore, and things that disturb her mother.

Vicki Beautiful is her debut novella.

Find out more about Somer and her upcoming works at her website You can also connect with Somer on Twitter:

Praise for Vicki Beautiful

“ I read this at one gripping session and I shall read more by this author. Excellent, original and worth every one of my five stars.” –Catherine Cavendish, Author of The Devil’s Serenade

“At times it reminded me of the cult classic “Eating Raoul” and others “The Big Chill”. Suffice to say, Canon has created an intriguing tale that will not only have you caring about characters put into an awkward, unsettling situation but also wondering how they’ll react to it every step of the way. I highly recommend this unique and entertaining story.”
–Matthew Franks, Author The Monster Underneath

“This is not the normal type of book that I would read, but the cover sold it to me, and I like reading new authors and genres. This book is beautifully written, the writing flows and you feel you really understand what the character’s are feeling…” Rebecca, GoodReads Reviewer

“The ending of this story was truly horrific. I am an old school horror fan, and have been indulging in the genre since I was old enough to hold a book. I also adore and enjoy the sub-genre splatterpunk, I read Jack Ketchum as a bedside book all the time. It takes a lot to phase me, but even I was turning my head in repulsion at the end. What a wonderful debut story for Somer Canon.”
–Badseedgirl, GoodReads Reviewer

“A simple story, but all the more powerful for its simplicity. Four stars. The author has guts and skill.” –Outlaw Poet

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