Earthly Concerns & Lily by Xavier Axelson

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Lily is special. In the shadow world of the forest, she prowls and survives but is different. Her father, Pryor lives and mourns the loss of his child. Inspired by true events, Lily, at its core, is about the lengths a parent will go to protect their child. I read a story about a young girl being dragged off her swing set by a coyote. Luckily, the girl was rescued unharmed, but this event inspired me to write Lily. I couldn’t think of anything scarier than having your child snatched from your own backyard…by an animal.

What started as a Father’s Day story, turned into something else. Lily is also about lost innocence and the belief in love. Sometimes the only thing to reach for is love and in reaching for it, ultimately you let go. Light and dark, shadow and clarity, grief and joy are all part of the story but what happens between the shadow and the light, the time between loss and gain, is where the action takes place. We don’t know what Lily does in the woods, and probably don’t want to know, she is untamed. Pryor cannot guess he only hopes she will return.

I did not expect to return to Lily’s world, but when the initial publisher shut down and the opportunity to have Lily reissued surfaced, I went back into the forest to find her. She found me.  Lily had more to say. I hadn’t read Lily since its 2012 publication, and was surprised to find myself transported back into the story with frightening ease. Pryor’s grief, Lily’s wildness and Ned’s steadfast love sparkled and I enjoyed delving into the darkness of Lily’s character and gave her room to sink her teeth into the nerves of the story. A fresh edit, a new cover and the expansion of a couple key scenes give Lily newness, but the initial bones are left intact, and the story remains unchanged. The final climax between Pryor and Lily is chilling, and as I’ve said in other interviews, I worry Pryor and Ned may not survive their next run in with her. Fingers crossed.

Lily is also a romance. Ned and Pryor are from different worlds, brought together by chance and grief. Their connection is solidified by Lily’s disappearance and tested by her return. Reading the story now, I applaud Ned’s resilience and ability to endure the nightmare before him. He doesn’t walk away; he walks into the darkness with the promise to love. The clash of worlds, the powers of enduring love, these are the bones of Lily, and I hope you enjoy the visit.

Who knows…I may find my way back into the woods, Lily is still there.

Between love and loss, there is obligation…

It was a peaceful night when Barrett and his daughter were driving home… then something happened. Something sinister.

Between shadow and light, there is uncertainty…

Now the only person Barrett can turn to for help is Anson, a man gifted with psychic abilities beyond reason. But Anson is also his ex-boyfriend, a man whose heart he’d already broken.  If you can see, you have to help.

As Anson delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding Barrett’s accident, he begins to realize that he’s not only in a race against time, but in a battle against his own broken heart and the terrifying understanding that whatever has taken Barrett’s child is a force of evil beyond anything either man has ever encountered.

And between decision and consequences, there are… Earthly Concerns

lily (1)

What does one say when they realize their child is gone? Better yet, what does one say when that child returns, but is different?

This is the question Pryor must ask himself after his daughter, Lily, is dragged into the woods by a wolf and her body is never found. It isn’t until he sees a wolf in the woods with eyes that resemble Lily’s that he feels hope. And then something is whispered from deep within the woods, a promise for him to see Lily again.

One day…

But which day and for how long?

And then Pryor meets Ned, a silversmith who brings out desires that Pryor hasn’t felt in years and helps him hatch a plan to keep Lily with him.

Now the question isn’t about how much time Pryor will have with Lily, it’s about how far he’ll go to keep her with him.

Xavier Alexson, Biography~

Xavier Axelson is a writer and columnist living in Los Angeles. Xavier’s work has been featured in various erotic and horror anthologies. Longer written works include The Incident, Velvet, and Lily. Xavier covers Fringe Culture for the Los Angeles Examiner. Connect with Xavier on his

website at, on Facebook at

and on Twitter at

Praise for Xavier Axelson’s work

“This book was an excellent short read.  It has a little bit of everything.  Lost love, tragedy, paranormal beings, and the hint at a second chance.”  Close Encounters with the Night Kind “

I really liked the psychic element to the story, sometimes in books that just isn’t done very well or done in a very cliché way, but I found it came across very well in this read.” Book Devotee Reviews

“Axelson writes from the emotions and in doing so he draws the reader in. It is close to impossible not to react to his stories.”  Reviews by Amos Lassen

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