Mr. Chips Must Die Book Announcement



Mr. Chips Must Die – a Sci/Fi Horror novel

Todd Morr

Spanking Pulp Press

174 pages

I might be a soldier from the future, his conscious sent back to occupy his past self in order to prevent the coming ‘Werewolf apocalypse’.
I might be tasked with killing a college professor, or a genetically enhanced smart dog, or a weaponized human being.  It could be all three, or none of them.
I may have decided to jump into another chapter of my past in order to save my daughter.
Or, I just lost his mind.  I might be a depressed, alcoholic, software salesman, who wants to kill my wife, and has lost touch with reality.
Werewolves, genetically enhanced super soldiers, time travel, and a smart dog who may hold the key to mankind’s survival. The werewolf apocalypse has humans on the brink of the extinction, but with the reality displacement device, which lets users occupy the consciousness of their past selves, they hope they can stop the ‘Dog men’ before they start. Only the soldier sent back has become lost as he melds with his former selves, unable to fully remember his mission, or believe he has a mission at all.

Or maybe a crazy alcoholic just wants to kill his wife.

“Great read! Morr has a great skill for taking classic tales – time travel, werewolves, apocalypse – and making them his own. This book has all the qualities of 12 monkeys, the best zombie shows and the new Mad Max movie. Of Morr’s books this is the best. It puts together his skill for banter and action in one excellent read. 5 stars.”


Free Sample:

Around the wreckage I saw two Dog men. I thought I knew what to expect, but even with the uncensored knowledge gained from Uber-Corp’s notoriously detailed reports, the first encounter was shocking.  The arms were too long, as were the talon like claws on the end of their fingers and toes, the head too large, and the multiple rows of fangs seemed too numerous and lengthy to fit inside it’s oversized jaw. The thick dark fur covering their bodies was rough and matted looking like it would draw blood if touched.

One had something on the ground, clamped in its oversized jaw.  The other was smashing in the windows of my wife’s sedan.  Inside the car I could hear my Leigh’s voice raised in high pitched terror.  The thing did not have my daughter yet, so I turned and aimed at the one chomping into my wife, chambering a round as I sprinted towards her.  The first shots I took while running went wide so I stopped and took aim.  The beast lifted its massive head as I hit it.  In between the rows of fangs was Karen’s head, It dropped her, and pushing off with arms long enough it could slap the pavement while standing erect sprung towards me.

I filled the center of its mass with large holes, but it kept coming, getting in a few more loping strides using both its clawed hands and feet before falling.  It tried to rise, but I unloaded the rest of his clip into its head.

I slapped in another clip and racked the slide, hoping the other creature decided to drop the attack on Leigh and come for me instead.  Instead, the beast had nearly half of its fur-covered body inside Karen’s sedan.  I shot what was still hanging out of the car.  After taking a bullet to its backside the creature pulled its head and body clear of the vehicle, still holding Leigh in one of its paws.  It took a moment to find me before beginning its charge. I took this opportunity to group three quick shots into the beast’s head.  It stumbled, and dropped my daughter to the ground before falling.

I ran to her, glancing briefly at Karen’s dead eyes, glaring from her detached skull.  I feared my child had met the same fate as her mother, and was relieved to see her stand.  As I reached her, she was leaning over to pick up her severed left arm.  When I picked her up she seemed to be half-gone, the beast’s claws had ripped half her face off along with her arm.  The only sound she could make was a long high-pitched moan, which she made as I pulled her into my arms.

Todd Morr is the author of Mr. Chips Must Die, If You’re Not One Percent, Captain Cooker and Jesus Saves, Satan Invests. He has also had work appear in Out of the Gutter, Shotgun Honey and The Big Adios. He lives in Central California.


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