Sean Seebach – A Looking in View Review

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I’ve been following Sean Seebach for over two years, reading his work, and enjoying the flavor of his writing.  I’ve read his novels, Our Monsters are Real: The Pig Man and Autumn Dark. Having the chance to read his collection of shorter works was a great treat. I enjoyed most of the stories and a few really struck me as fantastic story telling.

The opening story The Favor was interesting. I liked the gist of where the story was going but couldn’t get behind the supernatural aspect. The story Billy and Hank was good minus the ending. I did however like the character development in the back story about Hank and his love of baseball. Brothers Grimm show us a mobster is more of a monster than he seems leaving a man wanting revenge for his brother’s death. This was a really good story and I was all in. It had a great flow, plot, tension, plus a good twist ending. One of the best stories is One Hell of a Party. The story had a great flow and feel. I really enjoyed where the author went here. It was very short and a quick read but excellent at the time. I could tell this one was as fun to write as it was to share with the reader. The next story Followed was another one I really enjoyed. It had a Tales from the Crypt feel and reminded me of those episodes I loved as a kid. The joy of reading this story and knowing something was just around the corner had me engrossed. A lonely boy was a fun tale that took me back to being a kid. Not only the good but the bad parts. Being a kid who only has a few friends and spent a lot of time alone on adventures, some of them in his head.

At this point in the book One Hell of a Party was my favorite story, then A View Through a Barbershop Window came along and blew me away. I was so engrossed with the story and the way it was told that it was over before I knew it. This story exists on a different level from the others. A new level of writing, which is damn fine, is going on with this writer. Willy’s Halloween is a nice twist on a classic Halloween story mixed with the personal hell of ground hogs day. Being a huge fan of Halloween and all things scary, I found this short fun from start to finish. I would have liked to see an iteration or two more but the story was still good as told. Author Unknown isn’t only a great story, it’s a great piece of writing. Sean really has done the reader a solid with this story. It has a character who you can’t help but care about. It transported me to another place and I was all in about the plot. Blue Collar Diesel, the final short in the collection, was a really great ending to the collection. It shows the level of growth and the polished skill Sean Seebach has accomplished since I first read his work. It’s just one hell of a story and this is an author to keep an eye on because his work is well worth your time.

Book Info

Length: 270 Pages

Release date: May 16, 2017

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Take a look inside a world of the fantastic, strange, and macabre:

Lillian witnesses the death of her undead mother…

A hitman has one last favor to pay…

Frustrated with his mother’s boyfriend, ten-year-old Nathan runs away from home in an attempt for a better life…

A nursing home has a strange visitor with more to offer than battered paperbacks for the residents…

Comprised of thirteen eerie, mysterious tales, A Looking in View is the first anthology by author Sean Seebach and features a bonus novella, Blue Collar Diesel, where a man goes searching for manual labor in an attempt to win his fiancé back, but finds something much darker within himself.

Sean Seebach, biography

Sean Seebach is a horror/thriller author whose work appears regularly on Creepy Catalog. His first book, Our Monsters are Real, was published in March of 2016. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and son.


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