Kristin Dearborn – Woman in White Review

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It’s a snowy night in Rocky Rhodes Maine and Dennis is on his way to see his girlfriend Mary Beth.  Drinks, video games and a fun filled evening are waiting for Dennis.  But before he can get to her house he almost runs in to a women standing in the middle of the road.  Dennis stops and wonders why a women is out in a snow storm and with no shoes.  He decides he has to help this women and get her somewhere warm.  He knows Mary Beth will be upset if he is late but he is strangely driven to help the women anyway.  This is the last time anyone sees Dennis and the next day while Angela is working at the diner she overhears two customers talking about all the blood in Dennis’ car.  She can’t believe what happened to her friend, a car full of blood and no sign of Dennis.

Mary Beth goes out for a girl’s night and desperately needs a distraction from what has happened but finds everything reminds her of Dennis and how much she misses him.  The video games they played have lost their appeal and so has the local drinking hole.  Mary Beth tries to drink it all away with her friends.  Her incredibly empty home gives her no peace and the bed has too many memories, the loss Mary Beth feels is palpable.  Kristin does a fantastic job with Mary Beth’s emotional state and her struggle to deal with the death and disappearance of Dennis.

LeeAnne, a forensic chemist, and officer Staghorn are sent to Rocky Rhodes to help investigate Dennis’ death.  Before Lee and Vince begin looking in to the case of Dennis they find out more people have disappeared.  This small town has had more than a few strange occurrences.  After examining the blood Lee finds it has no DNA which is impossible and leaves her with more questions than answers.  Is the blood from the victims, if so can they still be alive, if not where did it come from.  Why is the blood stripped of all of its DNA and where did all this blood come from.  Who is this women in white and what is she up too.

Kristin leaves the reader with many questions and few answers about the happenings in Rocky Rhodes.  I really enjoy all the female characters, Lee and Mary Beth especially.  It was great to read a book with the main characters who are strong women and to have so many women characters in one story.  The Woman in White is a really enjoyably book that I read in one sitting.  I couldn’t put it down until I finished, the mystery of who this women is and what she was up to kept me turning pages trying to solve the mysters.  The books pacing was great and there was good action and tense moments that held my attention until the end.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  139 Pages

Publisher:  Dark Fuse

Release date:  February 28, 2016

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Rocky Rhodes, Maine.

As a fierce snowstorm descends upon the sleepy little town, a Good Samaritan stops to help a catatonic woman sitting in the middle of the icy road, and is never seen or heard from again. When the police find his car, it is splattered in more blood than the human body can hold.

While the storm rages on, the wave of disappearances continue, the victims sharing only one commonality: they are all male. Now it’s up to three young women to figure out who or what is responsible: a forensic chemist, a waitress struggling with an abusive boyfriend, and a gamer coping with the loss of her lover.

Their search will lead them on a journey filled with unspeakable horrors that are all connected to a mysterious Woman in White.


“Horror born straight from a nor’easter, Dearborn’s Woman in White is a great read for a winter night—with a monster I’ll never forget.” —Christopher Irvin, author of Federales and Burn Cards

“Kristin Dearborn’s Woman in White is a rip-roaring monster tale with sharp-eyed characterization and something to say about the power dynamics between men and woman. Thought-provoking and entertaining as hell!” —Tim Waggoner, author of Eat the Night

“Great stuff! Suspenseful, quickly paced, unpredictable and wonderfully evil tale. Kristin Dearborn’s best yet!” —Jeff Strand, author of Pressure

Kristin Dearborn, Biography-

If it screams, squelches, or bleeds, Kristin Dearborn has probably written about it. She’s written books such as Sacrifice Island (DarkFuse), Trinity (DarkFuse), and had fiction published in several magazines and anthologies. Stolen Away was recently a limited edition offered from Thunderstorm Books, which sold out. She revels in comments like “But you look so normal…how do you come up with that stuff?” A life-long New Englander, she aspires to the footsteps of the local masters, Messrs. King and Lovecraft. When not writing or rotting her brain with cheesy horror flicks (preferably creature features!), she can be found scaling rock cliffs or zipping around Vermont on a motorcycle, or gallivanting around the globe. Find more on Kristin at


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