Gamut Magazine: What’s This Website All About?

GAMUT is a great idea and a new project from Richard Thomas, launching in just about a year (1/17). The Kickstarter campaign will begin (2/16). I will have Richard Thomas stopping by the day after to talk about GAMUT. This exciting project has many authors I have read before so I’m really looking forward to this online magazine. Check back next month for the guest post with Richard. You can also follow the GAMUT Twitter page @gamutmagazine and the Facebook page GAMUT for updates.

- Richard Thomas -

Gamut Idea-001(Art by Luke Spooner)

GAMUT (Updated 1/5/2016)

So what’s all of this talk about Gamut? For a long time I’ve wanted to start a magazine. I crunched the numbers for years, but in the end couldn’t make it work. Why? PRINT COSTS. So, over the past year I’ve been looking at it again, and decided the way to go would be to Kickstart it, and have it exist online. I hope to do the Kickstarter in February of 2016, and launch the website on 1/1/2017, if we are successful. For the past several months I’ve been getting things lined up—authors, website, costs, content, the Kickstarter page, etc. We will offer subscriptions via the special Kickstarter for $25-30, with the regular annual price being $50-60. That’s only $5 a month, at the most expensive price point. (Gamut just means a wide range, and it’s usually applied to emotions, but here…

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One thought on “Gamut Magazine: What’s This Website All About?

  1. Wow, that’s a heavy duty undertaking. Without a constant influx of advertising dollars it’s extremely difficult to keep a magazine on a regular schedule. From 1996 – 2002 I owned a music magazine, Guitar-2001. The best thing to do is to get a sponsor, a business that will always advertise (like a full page) in every issue at a set price for the year.


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