Rocky Rochford – Don’t Turn Around Review


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Length:  25 Pages

Don’t Turn Around is a great, twisted and fun read by an author I have recently discovered.  This short tale is dark and I loved it! Rocky writes the thoughts that escape his mind as fast as I read them.  Our main character (and killer) is deep, complex and simple at the same time.  Yes I realize this is contrary but read it if you don’t believe me.  Our character knows what he is doing and why, how many of us can say that… and how Rocky managed to get inside his head is amazing and a bit scary.

The story is told as a narrative from our killer to us, as if we are right there with him, along for the ride.  This is a character I can be interested in, want to read about and know more about.  Basically the only kind worth reading about, if I don’t care to know more why read the book at all.  Don’t Turn Around is fantastic storytelling and I was thrilled to see it has a second part.  Fear not reader his follow-up Don’t Say a Word is due out soon for us to devour.

Rocky writes with such a furious flow I thought the words came from my own mind.  I was so wrapped up I was finished before I knew it.  Yes I realize the story is short but not all stories are created equal and Rocky creates his brilliantly.

Rating 5/5


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