Carol Davis

Dead in the Water

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Anna is out for a summer walk to her favorite swimming spot at Thompson Lake on a warm summer day.  She’s looking forward to seeing her boyfriend Carl later that day and keeps hearing someone singing a song.  An earworm as call them, stuck in your head no matter how hard you try to not hear it it’s there.  The sun is warm, the water is perfectly cool and the day is perfect except for a bothersome cold spot and this annoying song, the earworm.  Unfortunately for Anna this is her last swim, in fact it’s her last day alive.  Someone or something, maybe the same someone or something singing this song is responsible for Anna’s death.  Terry and Nick, The Investigators, as they call themselves have traveled to Thompson Lake for their latest and greatest story.  In just two quickly read chapters I was totally engrossed in this story, the writing is excellent and the story moves at a rapid pace.  17 Deaths over 27 years and almost always in pairs is just the story Terry and Nick need.  But it’s not just the fact they happen in pairs it’s the fact one of two is always a drowning, a strange coincidence? Maybe but this will make it an ever better story.

Dead in the Water has great characters and Carol gives the characters with an excellent sense of humor which add a layer and depth to them I really enjoy.  She also adds tragedy to their history making them feel more personal and real.  The mystery of Thompson Lake has some interesting layers.  There are numerous deaths in pairs with one dying from a drowning.  Jake the owner of the B&B who knows more than he is letting on giving him a dark and odd feeling.  The strange claims of something in the lake, either a piece of wood or a lake monster.  Plus the strange singing that people hear comes from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.  Carol Davis keeps the story moving with many unanswered questions and the need to find out what is the secret Jake is intent on keeping.  I found myself so wrapped up in the story it was hard to put down.

Wilbur who owns The Speckled Unicorn, a small shop, is distraught over one of the deaths that has taken place on the lake.  The individual was a childhood friend and Wilbur has never gotten over it.  When upset he takes his small boat out in the lake to sit, think and calm himself.  He reaches for something and falls or more likely is pulled overboard.  As Carol takes us deeper into the mystery surrounding Thompson Lake we learn that indeed something/someone is luring people under the water.  Terry sees Wilbur just in time and swims out to rescue him and sees something under the water.  The rescue of Wilbur was tense and frightening, Carol has a great way of griping you with tense writing and the action and had me sweating, hoping and praying for Wilbur to be found before the lake claimed another victim.  The strangeness of the B&B owners continues to be a mystery and Carol adds just enough detail of the lake to really get you wondering what the heck is going on.  She concealed the answers and kept me guessing, giving nothing away and I loved the ride.  Dead in the Water is a great mystery and a chilling story with strange characters set in a remote town.  In the end not all of the questions were answered which reminded me of the great show LOST.  Not having all the answers didn’t detract from how much I enjoyed the story, sometimes I think a few unanswered questions is the way a story should be told.

Rating: 4.5/5

Book Info

Length:  340 Pages

Release date:  July 1, 2014

Blurb:  Nick Moore and Terry Banner investigate sleaze and mayhem for “The Investigators”… a website that’s been at the top of the Internet heap for several years. But reader interest has been sliding, and they’re desperate for a new scoop, something lurid and attention-grabbing. Something that will grab their readers by the throat and refuse to let them go.

Thompson Lake, a tiny town in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, seems to fill the bill. Seventeen people have died there under mysterious circumstances — a situation no one wants to talk about.

For good reason.

Welcome to Thompson Lake, Moore & Banner. It’s a great place to visit… but you might not get out alive.Carol

Carol Davis, Biography-

Picture an 11-year-old girl with pen in hand, spiral notebook in her lap. That was me, back in the beginning: a shy little girl with glasses, who wanted more stories about her favorite characters…so she wrote them.

And nothing ever really changes.

What’s been most important to me throughout my life is FAMILY, and that’s what I write about – whether the story involves a couple of investigative reporters digging into a series of mysterious drownings, or a young girl who discovers that her colony’s alien “staff” is being mistreated and killed, or a harried woman searching for “something simple.” It all comes down to FAMILY, the one we’re born with, and the ones we build through marriage, friendship, and shared experiences.

I was a secretary for 38 years. Now I’m a full-time writer and editor. I work on a laptop, but at heart I’m still a little girl with a pen who’s anxious to share her stories.

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