BP Gregory – Vu Ja De: Collected Short Stories Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 79 Pages
Release date: December 3, 2020
Synopsis: A scorned lover delves beneath the earth one final time. A war criminal waiting out his old age in an apartment. Three corporate citizens become lost in the woods and they are so terribly hungry. Enjoy BP Gregory’s latest horror, sci fi and urban fantasy stories gathered together as part of Vu Ja De.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

It’s time for another trip through the sometimes odd and uniquely crafted world of B.P. Gregory. I’ve been reading her work for years. Her style is distinct, wildly imaginative, and at times abstract. I found the shorts in Vu Ja De to be no different. The first Story, Babes Down Boreholes, is a tightly written short that has a claustrophobic quality. Quite fitting for the group of explorers who are deep in a cave. Story two, Abstract, is a game of cat and mouse and ironic at its core. Built around who is hunting who and is it better to leave sleeping dogs lay? I loved the fast paced and neatly wrapped package of this story. The next short, Parallel, was a fun ride in another world, mirroring ours of course. A detective finds herself in another universe trying to solve two murders, one being her own. How damn cool is that! Alternative realities are a mind twist and fun as hell to try and keep straight. B.P. Gregory does a smash up job with this mystery while meshing two worlds into one. Zombies, zombies everywhere, not even your own property is safe. White Picket was as much fun this go around as the first time I read it. It’s short, sweet and with the proper amount of humor thrown in for good measure. Vu Je De was fun for sure, and for me B.P. Gregory kills it in the short story world.

Link to purchase Vu Ja De: Collected Short Stories

B.P. Gregory, Biography-

BP Gregory has been an archaeology student and a dilettante of biology, psychology, and apocalypse prepping. She is the author of five novels including the recently released Flora & Jim, about a father who’ll do anything to keep his daughter alive in a frozen wasteland.

BP Gregory lives in Melbourne with her husband and is currently working on The Newru Trail, a murder-mystery set in a world where houses eat your memories. For stories, reviews and recommendations as she ploughs through her to-read pile visit bpgregory.com.


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