Michael J. Elliott – Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Choice Cuts presents us with more twisted tales from Michael J. Elliott. The first story, Black silk panties shows us that the level of depravity can always be ‘one upped’. Jacob has a pantie fetish, a hobby really, and who can blame a guy for liking panties, have you seen what is made these days! Jacob’s on a pantie run, which he does often, and finds a fantastic pair on a clothes line. Surprise, surprise, the owner isn’t all about letting him steal them, and has a hobby of her own! The title story, Choice cuts, was amusing to me with the sideways comments and family interactions giving the characters real depth. This was a fun story and it shocked me with an ending I certainly didn’t see coming. Wayne wants to be a butcher’s apprentice and after waiting over a year, attending school, and working at a local butcher, he is still waiting to cut a side of meat. He just wants to show his parents he can be successful if given the chance. Nice twist ending here!

The Dark Horseman is just two and a half pages of micro fiction and one of my favorites. A virologist is on her way to a conference working on cures for viral outbreaks in Africa. She has a traveling companion, one she isn’t even aware of… THIS was a very well written short story and the final sentence is a gotcha moment for sure. There are many stories that trick you with role reversals that flip the script on a traditional horror theme. This was very well done in Penace and in Farewell dear friend, the later holding out until the end when I thought ‘what the double hell, I’ve been had again! The stories get better and better the further you travel into the dark realm. Speak no evil was a great horror short with a steady building of tension. Gareth is a con man and has just conned the wrong women. Her family’s revenge was sweet, and purposely executed. This story is one of the more horrific tales I’ve read of Michael’s and I loved it. For me, Choice cuts was a really enjoyable collection of stories as a fan of the horror genre.

Book Info

Length:  136 Pages

Publisher: Plaisted Publishing

Release date:  October 31, 2016

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Welcome to the Dark Realm. A delicious realm of darkness where the residents trade in the mundane for choice cuts of fear and dread. This collection of meaty tidbits will have you screaming for more.
Included in this collection are such juicy titles as:
Deep within the bowels of an ancient convent, Sister Elizabeta is praying for forgiveness while the Council of Elders plan a horrifying punishment for her.
A strange race of carniverous takes up residence in a suburban supermarket.
A deaf woman takes her revenge on a philandering boyfriend.
These and other tales await you in the Dark Realm.

Michael J. Elliott, biography

Michael J Elliott was writing stories since his early schooldays and was described by his school principal as “A Second Alfred Hitchcock”. Michael continued his love of writing in high school where he wrote and acted in films for his Media Studies class. He went on to study Media briefly at College, writing film scripts and radio ads. As a member of a community social theatre club, Michael wrote many of the sketches and routines that were performed for the benfit of senior citizens clubs. His most notable writing success was having one of his previously written comedy sketches chosen for a television comedy special.
Michael lives in a bayside suburb in the State of Victoria, Australia. When he isn’t writing tales to terrify readers he enjoys drawing, golden era hollywood movies, reading and cooking as well as looking after his two ‘best mates’, his cats Charlie and Smokey.


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