Women in Horror Spotlight #9

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Welcome to our February Women in Horror Spotlight Project that’s spilled over a bit into March, co-hosted by David Spell at The Scary Reviews, and Erin Al-Mehairi, Hook of a Book Media. We will be featuring many women over a short period of time with mini-interviews in which all were asked the same three questions. We urge you to get to know them and delve further into their work, whether they are a writer or editor. We will feature about three women each day that we have a post. This post makes #9 and 26 women profiled total, please go back and read them all!



Lesley Ann Fogle, Narrator, Audio Specialist

How do you define horror and what drew you to it?

First movie I remember having an impact on me was “The Shining.” I covered my ears and figured out it was the sound that really gave me the creeps. I was sensitive to sound; if someone’s teeth were clacking or energy was directed at me then I would have would have to go somewhere isolated to read. But after that movie, I got my little hands on the book and the words made my mind listen intensely without any sensory interference. Horror helped me. Unsure why. Guess I’ll say effective horror makes my mind listen with impenetrable, macabre focus.

I think the next book to command my attention was “Wasp Factory.”

What sub-genre(s) do you read/narrate in?

So far I’ve narrated paranormal haunted house and classic ghost, supernatural crime thriller, classic sci-fi, mythological madness, and psychological Victorian paranormal. I put a lot into my audiobooks and get great responses from the authors.

What is your personal favorite part of reading horror?

I like dark prose and character meltdowns and humor. It’s mostly all entertaining to read. And sometimes alarming, in which case we’re learning. Personal favorite…Fred Godsmarck; he is the boss of horror audiobooks and a joy to work with which is rare/important in a publisher. Is there a word limit here? I also really enjoyed working on the Out-Of-Tune anthology; the short stories kept me on my toes and I like studying the writing style of many authors at once. Speaking of short stories, I recently narrated the promo trailer for the upcoming Borderlands Podcast Indiegogo campaign. Yes, THE Borderlands series! It’s coming soon so be on the lookout.

Lesley Anne Fogle Bio(hazard)

Within my harrowing 40-some years, I’ve studied opera, sound, engineering. Worked as a jingle singer, voiceover talent, location field mixer, and audio engineer for soul-sucking commercials (and cool films and shows and installations). I’m the Nintendo GameCube girl, Vena Gore from the underground band Mal VU, and singer/engineer for After-Death Plan whose upcoming 2016 album “Literature” holds songs inspired by books. I like to narrate books and record accents and mimic people and casually workshop my characters on the unsuspecting public.

Horror genre audiobooks I’ve narrated:

“Out of Tune” by Christopher Golden, Jack Ketchum, Kelley Armstrong, Lisa Morton, Simon R. Green, Nancy Holder, Seanan McGuire, David Liss, Del Howison, Gary Braunbeck, Gregory Frost, Jeff Strand, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Jeff J. Mariotte & Marsheila Rockwell; edited by Jonathan Maberry.

“Mother of Demons / A Department 18 Novel / Book 5” by Maynard Sims

“Windwood Farm (Taryn’s Camera Book 1)” by Rebecca Patrick-Howard

“The Vagrants” by Brian Moreland

“Boomtown” by Glenn Rolfe

“Doppelgänger” by Sean Munger

“Stillwater” by Maynard Sims

“The Eighth Witch / A Department 18 Novel / Book 3” by Maynard Sims

“A Plague of Echoes / A Department 18 Novel / Book 4” by Maynard Sims

“Fairy” by Shane McKenzie

“The Girl From Blood Coven” and “The Witching House” by Brian Moreland

“Don’t Look Back Agnes/In This House” by Kathyrn Meyer-Griffith

Find her at Hear No Evil Media: www.hearnoevil.us

Email me at lafogle(at)yahoo(dot)com
Twitter: @LesleyAnnFogle

How do you define horror and what drew you to it?

That sense that everything’s gotten out of your control – that there’s something going on that you don’t understand, that the world isn’t what you thought it was. For me, real horror isn’t teenagers being hacked to death by masked killers, it’s a slow, creeping sense that things are going very, very wrong.

The first horror stories I was drawn to were on TV, because there weren’t real horror books available for 10-year-olds, but it was all there, free for the taking, on TV. What drew me in as a 10-year-old? Maybe the ability to examine scary things through someone else’s experiences.  Look at them, figure them out… without any risk to myself.


Carol Davis

Carol Davis, Author

What sub-genre(s) do you write in?

Whatever best suits the point I want to make.  My writing all revolves around family, so I look at characters who are going through an emotional struggle, then figure out what situation I can put them in that will best illuminate that. I’ve done ghost stories, werewolf stories, demons, various other monsters.

What is your personal favorite part of writing or reading horror?

It’s one of the best ways of asking, “What if…?”  How do you deal with something you don’t understand, something you may not be able to put your hands on.  It lets you add another layer to your storytelling – setting your character up against an otherworldly thing, and charging them with figuring out what it is, then defeating it.

Dead in the Water

Carol Davis, Biography

Picture an 11-year-old girl with pen in hand, spiral notebook in her lap. That was me, back in the beginning: a shy little girl with glasses, who wanted more stories about her favorite characters…so she wrote them.

And nothing ever really changes.

What’s been most important to me throughout my life is FAMILY, and that’s what I write about – whether the story involves a couple of investigative reporters digging into a series of mysterious drownings, or a young girl who discovers that her colony’s alien “staff” is being mistreated and killed, or a harried woman searching for “something simple.” It all comes down to FAMILY, the one we’re born with, and the ones we build through marriage, friendship, and shared experiences.

I was a secretary for 38 years. Now I’m a full-time writer and editor. I work on a laptop, but at heart I’m still a little girl with a pen who’s anxious to share her stories.

Find Carol at:

Her blog
Twitter: @caroldficwriter
E-mail: ficwriter1966cd(at)gmail(dot)com



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