Dale Elster & T.D. Trask – Deadsville Review

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Deadsville is composed of 13 tales of terror for us to enjoy from Dale Elster and T.D. Trask as we visit the strange town of Rock Creek.  This town isn’t a place you want to visit anytime soon and a place Josh Turner wishes he could leave except Josh is stuck in a pit.  It turns out The Pit is just where he belongs after the pain he has caused from being a bully.  The Knacker Man is a chilling tale and it’s not a sound anyone in Rock Creek is in a rush to hear.  Morris is new to town and wants to know what all the fuss is about with hearing the knacker man.  By the end of the story he’s glad he did.  What Happened on Black Hill Road is a terrifying story of Thorn Man and this tale gave me goosebumps.  Maggie’s Mother isn’t as crazy as she appears and when Maggie returns to her childhood home she learns the secret of Thorn Man.  This is the kind of story that is sure to cause a nightmare or two and leave you shaking your head to clear out the images left behind.

Knew it All Along is the kind of story that has you flipping pages trying to figure out what’s going on and why something feels out-of-place.  A man at a diner hitches a ride and tells a story that is just a bit off kilter.  This one grabbed my attention right away and I enjoyed every word.  The more I traveled through Deadsville the more I liked my visit to Rock Creek.  Still Water is another fun trip into the shadows of Deadsville where appearances can be deceiving.  Brian is standing on the train tracks overlooking Rock creek and has a vision as he stares at the river below.  As it turns out his vision wasn’t as clear as he first thought.  This is a really good story and Dale and T.D fill Deadsville with stories that make this town one to be avoided.  Things have a way of going a bit sideways and the shadows in Deadsville are filled with unseen dangers.

A Job’s a Job and Knock Knock are both great shorts and equally twisted which make them some of my favorites in this collection.  Dale and T.D both have quite a sense of humor and it shows in these two stories.  The stories in Deadsville have an edge to them that I really enjoyed.  And horror collection isn’t complete without a zombie story and Head Shot isn’t your typical zombie tale.  This short takes an interesting view on your usual undead flesh-eating zombies.  Deadsville is a really fun and enjoyable book that I recommend be added to your list of books to read.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  152 Pages

Publisher:  Downtown Books & Coffee

Release date:  September 15, 2015

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A one-stoplight town in the middle of nowhere, on the way to nowhere. A town ruled by quiet, country boredom, nestled between rolling hills and dense forests. Bordered by vast stretches of farmland. A quaint community of friendly faces, charming landscapes, picket fences. An idyllic rural existence. Maybe it is. But the locals have another name for their town: Deadsville.

And not for the reason you think. You see, this town holds many secrets. Nothing is as it seems. Old houses serve as something more than homes for the living. Killers walk amongst the townsfolk. Monsters are real. You’ve found Evil’s hometown. So be prepared to stay. You’re going to be a permanent resident. Because even if you get out, there’s no escape.

1 Town. 2 Authors. 13 Tales of Horror.

Deadsville is a collection of ALL NEW horror stories from authors T.D. Trask and Dale Elster, set in the fictional upstate town of Rock Creek, NY. The book in your hands is your personal invitation to join them as they reveal the darkness lurking there, hidden within the people who walk its streets. Haunting the places daylight never finds. Waiting for your arrival.

Dale Elster, biography

Dale Elster is a horror and dark fiction author living in upstate New York with his wife and two children.

His short fiction has appeared in anthologies by NorGus Press, Collaboration of the Dead, and the Stealth Fiction anthology, “Daylight Dims, Volume 2.” All are available at online retailers.

His house may or may not be haunted.
But it definitely is.

T.D. Trask

T.D. Trask, biography

T.D. Trask is a freelance writer, copywriter, and Web site designer living in the great city of Binghamton, NY. His hobbies include following politics, movies, books, and, of course, the paranormal. His novels “Still Waters” and “Legend of the Tiger” are available at online retailers.


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