Dark Screams: Volume One


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Length:  88 Pages

Weeds by Stephen King is an oldie but a goodie.  Classically told is a way all his own.  The descriptions of Jordy dealing with the growing weeks will make your skin crawl.  It reminds me of another classic King story called The Raft.  Your pulled in and not at all ready for the ride.

The price you pay by Kelly Armstrong is a tale that starts off in one direction and turns so many times I didn’t see the ending coming until the final few pages.  This story has great suspense and develops characters I loved hating.  I was surprised how my feelings changed about some of the characters as the story unfolded.  This being my first time reading Kelly Armstrong was more than satisfying, now I’m left wondering why I haven’t read her work before.

Magic eyes by Bill Pronzini is told in the first person and his way of storytelling is fantastic.  Magic eyes is the tale of a man in an asylum for killing his wife.  I’m not sure if he is crazy or not and I’m not sure I’m meant to.  Regardless Bill Pronzini’s style makes the reading fast paced, a true page turner.  Again my first time reading this author and no disappointment here.

Simon Clark’s Murder in Chains has plenty of horror and just enough descriptions to leave plenty to your imagination.  Everything isn’t set up for the reader leaving us to wonder how, why and who.  But the story is none the less suspenseful and terrifying and just when you think someone may catch a break you’re wrong again.

The Watched by Ramsey Campbell rounds out this anthology nicely.  It’s a ghost story of sorts and fits well with the other stories.  Young Jimmy learns about being the watcher as well as being watched.  Sometimes it’s better not to be seen nor heard, a lesson Jimmy learns the hard way as he deals with his neighbors.

Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman have put together a fine mix of authors for this anthology.  I’m really excited to see who they put in the next one.

Rating 4/5


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