Rose Blackthorn

Thorn, Hearts and Thistles


Thorns, Hearts, and Thistles, a collection of poetry, from Rose Blackthorn was a pleasure to read. Some of the poems are peeks into the dark corners where the monsters hide. Others, the longing and pain from something lost. One aspect in Rose’s poems that I really love is the imagery, this is what really draws me to her writing. The second is the strong emotions I felt while reading her work. I’ve enjoyed both characteristics since the first time I read her story, Through the Ghostlands, from the anthology Equilibrium Overturned. I read this story over two years ago and it’s always stuck with me.

Water is an item found in many of the poems, I get the feeling it is a way to represent how we can be worn down in life. Darkness is another focus in many of the poems, the kind we all too often find ourselves lost in and wondering which way is up. The book is divided into three parts, each with a different style of poetry. Thorns speaks to the things that leave a scar. The second part, Hearts, contains some of my favorite poems. They’re the kind that get you thinking and I know these will stay with me long after I finished the book. The third is more traditional with verses that rhyme. Rose’s poems are able to illicit feelings and draw reactions. They speak to you and are relatable, for me this is what makes poetry great. There were many poems that struck me in one way or another. They stood out among the rest and the follow list contains the poems I think are exceptional.


  • The incoming tide
  • Double blind
  • Nature photos after some poems
  • Bitterness
  • Reflections
  • Bruises
  • Twilight
  • Chosen path *** I give this poem extra note, it is most likely my favorite
  • Zombie love
  • Shards
  • The dark side


Book Info

Length:  100 Pages

Publisher:  Eldritch Press

Release date:  February 20, 2015

Blurb:  Thorns, Hearts and Thistles brings together the best of Rose Blackthorn’s poetry. Journey down the darkened road into veils of reality diverging into streams of consciousness fraught with horror and beguiling beauty. Rose’s poetry sings to the heart in its depth and overall arching tone, poetically and fervently calling you into worlds yet unseen.

Rose Blackthorn, Biography-

Rose Blackthorn lives in the high mountain desert with her boyfriend and two dogs, Boo and Shadow. She spends her free time writing, reading, being crafty, and photographing the surrounding wilderness.

She is a member of the HWA and has appeared online and in print with Necon E-Books, Stupefying Stories, Buzzy Mag, Interstellar Fiction, Jamais Vu, Eldritch Press and various anthologies including The Ghost IS the Machine, A Quick Bite of Flesh, FEAR: Of the Dark, Equilibrium Overturned, Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult, and Cranial Leakage: Tales From the Grinning Skull Volume 1. Her first poetry collection Thorns, Hearts and Thistles was published in February 2015, and is available through Amazon.

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