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Book Info

Length:  40 Pages

Release date:  November 30, 2013

Blurb:  It’s Christmas time and snow is falling over Red Forest. Isobel is nine years old, she is running with her father and sister, trying to escape the gunfire tearing through the trees. Civil war is erupting and the family are right in the middle of the battlefield. With nowhere else to go they have to somehow make it our of the forest, but can they all make it out alive?

Safe Haven is a short companion piece to the novel The Running Game. Set two decades earlier this is the story of where the Reacher girls came from.

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In Safe Haven we meet Isobel, 9 years old, and her younger sister Rachel, only 6 years old.  They are in the woods running with their father.  He tells them they must run and keep running so no one catches them.  They must run, hide and concentrate on not getting caught, plan escape routes and count exits.  If they are caught the government would want to know about Isobel’s and Rachel’s powers, do experiments and never let them be free.  Powers Isobel and Rachel are still too young to understand.  Their father is shot and dies in the cold dark snow filled woods.  Isobel and Rachael keep moving just like their father said to do.  The finally come to a road and a man in a car stops, sees them and asks if he can help.  Isobel controls him, guides him, to take the girls to S’aven.  S’aven was where their father said to go, he said they would be safe there and to find a man named Darcy.  Now 10 years later Isobel lives with their new father Frank while Rachael is safe in the convent.  Darcy has kept her hidden and safe until now, now the army has discovered the convent is a cover for Reachers like Rachel.  As Frank and Isobel sit down to dinner after their visit with Darcy a bomb is left under their table.  Frank’s right hand man Donnie realizes to late and the restaurant explodes.  This short back story sets up The Running Game and now Rachel is left to find out exactly why her father told her to run and why her sister Isobel was killed.  Safe Haven is a great short to the Reacher series, we learn just enough of the sister’s history to be sucked in to the story.  The ending leaves you wanting to know all the answers of what are the extent of the Reachers powers, why Isobel was with Frank and why Rachel was kept in hiding.

In The Running Game it is seven years later and Rachel is a nurse living with her boyfriend Mark, a cop in Safe Haven.  Charlie and his brother John are watching Rachel, waiting for the right time to capture her for a man named Pinky.  Pinky is Frank’s brother and is the man in charge in S’aven.  Pinky and Donnie want the city to be safe again and want this particular Reacher.  But Charlie is a Reacher and when he meets Rachel he discovers she’s a Reacher.  Now he knows why Pinky wants her and has to do whatever it takes to save her, Reachers protect Reachers.  As Rachel learns of her sisters fate and what Pinky’s plans are she teams up with the Smith brothers to set things right.  Pinky won’t be using her like Frank was using Isobel to find other Reachers and run his corrupt city.  LE Fitzpatrick takes on a twist filled ride with Rachel, John and Charlie as they all try to get safely out of the mess they find themselves in.  Hidden agendas, back stabbing and double crosses are all part of The Running Game.  Can John and Charlie trust their former partner Roxy, the man who swears he wants to help these Reachers.  Does Riva, Pinky’s wife have something to hide in all this.  The Running Game is filled with so many characters with something to hide I was surprised more than a few times.  The mystery to who is behind Frank’s death is well wrapped and no one is above suspicion.  I enjoyed the many dark characters and tight spots Rachel finds herself in.  I found myself trusting characters I shouldn’t have and not trusting others I should have.  The book ends with a great set up for another in the series.


Book Info

Length:  226 Pages

Release date:  October 25, 2013

Blurb:  Her father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

Rachel had let her guard down and they had found her. She could run now, leave the city and try her luck beyond the borders, but with no money and a dark secret to hide her chances of survival are slim.

But then she meets two brothers with a dangerous past and secrets of their own. Can they help her turn the game around?

This is the first installment of the Reacher series. Set in a grim and not too distant future, this urban thriller will keep you hooked until the last page.

LE Fitzpatrick

LE Fitzpatrick, Biography-

L E Fitzpatrick is a writer of dark adventure stories and thrillers. Under the watchful eye of her beloved rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she leaps from trains and climbs down buildings, all from the front room of a tiny cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside.

Inspired by cult film and TV, L E Fitzpatrick’s fiction is a collection of twisted worlds and realities, broken characters, and high action. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of her imagination and creating hugely entertaining stories.

The Running Game, her latest book and the first instalment of her dystopian Reacher series, is due for re-release in October 2015 under the Booktrope label.

Connect with LE Fitzpatrick at the following links

https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5233596.L_E_Fitzpatrick         https://www.facebook.com/le.fitzpatrick.7


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