Bekki Pate

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Nick as the special ability to spot and kill shapshifters. His friend Beth has a special power too, but one that is a bit less defined After disappearing from the facility and having no memory of who she is she meets a young couple. Beth and Ash find her in a park and take her in to their home. Beth and Nick worked at a facility that helped people with special abilities. It isn’t laid out what these people’s abilities exactly are or why they have them. I wasn’t even sure what exactly sure how they were helping them. With this as the foundation of The Willow Tree this should be a good start to a story. Unfortunately the story wonders all over the place. I was left wondering why shapeshifters kept attacking Nick. The characters never felt developed or had enough depth for me to care what happened to them. Ash and Beth somehow after a very short time together become close. Why she felt ok with staying with them never felt right. Each time the story felt like it was picking up steam it slowed right back down never gaining the steady flow of momentum I was hoping for.

As it turns out Ash and Beth were supposed to capture Jenny and bring her to their boss. It didn’t make sense that for the month they had her living with them they ignored this objective only to have the boss have to send more shifters after them later. The story kind of broke down for me at this point. I really enjoyed the mystery of who the boss was and why she was after Jenny. The mystery of how these people had their abilities was interesting, I wanted to know more on this topic. It was strange why when Nick finally found Jenny she still referred to herself by another name and Nick went along with her.

Book Info

Length:  240 Pages

Publisher:  Britain’s Next Bestseller

Release date:  February 9, 2015

Blurb:  A young boy disappears from his home, taken by a strange man. The only witness is his young brother.  Twenty years later, that brother is searching for someone – the love of his life is missing, and he follows clues to find her.  There are creatures out there that wear her face, that try to kill him, that want nothing more than to stop him from finding her.  But where is she? Why hasn’t she contacted him? And why do these creatures want him out of the way?

This is a new horror novel – the first in a trilogy – that follows this man’s journey and the journey of those around him, into the darkness.


“I heard the snap of their jaws, the click and scrape of their fingernails on the cold, metal door. They were angry, impatient and hungry. Their loud tortured screams pierced the otherwise quiet corridor; there was no one left now. No one left, except me.”

Nick Jenkins cannot sleep. He drinks too much. All he can think about is her, and the night she disappeared. He is being taunted by her face, by those creatures who keep wearing it, mocking him. He is close, so close, but he is not the only one looking for her. Who will get to her first? And if he finds her, will she be the same as he remembered?

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Bekki Pate, Biography-

Bekki Pate was born and raised in Nottingham, but currently lives in Wolverhampton with her partner.  She works in clinical trials within the NHS, and in her spare time she is an avid reader. She has recently given birth to her first daughter and is enjoying the precious time spent with her during maternity leave.  She tries to read a wide variety of books, from horror to romance, but her favourite author is Stephen King; whom she considers to be an absolute genius.  She enjoys being close to the famous Cannock Chase; as it’s where she goes for a bit of peace and quiet, as well as inspiration for new stories.

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