One of Us: A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 618 Pages
Publisher: Bloodshot books
Release date: November 27, 2020

Synopsis: The horror community lost Frank Michaels Errington in May of 2019, and his absence has been thoroughly felt by all who were lucky enough to interact with him. Kind, gracious, inclusive, and just an all-around nice man, Frank made a large impact on the whole industry as a book reviewer, but he also had a positive effect on many individual creators by making sure that everyone felt welcome and acknowledged.

One of Us: A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington is filled with the stories of writers whose lives Frank touched in one way or another. He challenged them, cheered them on, and he made sure to read the big names and small names alike.

Frank needed a new kidney. He was undergoing dialysis treatments and hoping for a compatible donor, but unfortunately, he was not able to get the help in time to save his life. Because of this, proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated in Frank’s name to the American Transplant Foundation. Help us help others in Frank’s situation before another vital person is lost to those who value them.

This book represents the camaraderie and love that Frank instilled in the horror community. If you ever feel alone or out of place, just remember the words that Frank himself told many creatives while he was still alive.

“You’re one of us.”.

Link to purchase One of Us: A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington

My review-

I didn’t know Frank Errington, though I saw his name often around Goodreads and Twitter. I saw his reviews and tweets, so I only knew him as fellow horror lover and reviewer. But, he must have been a hell of a guy. The tributes written here in One of Us clearly indicates he was. One of Us is as solid of a collection from various writers as your likely to find. There are too many great shorts in this collection to list, though I can say the following writers really hit it out of the park.

Tom Deady with A Tattoo for Joey came at me hot and fast. This was an intense and quick paced read.

Josh Malerman with Clark! Stop! was a fantastic ride, as I watched Clark spiral down the drain of guilt, regret and despair.

Richard Chizmar with Homesick, which was damn fantastic, and seriously dark. That was my kind of horror story.

Tim Meyer with I, Creator, was six pages of pure enjoyment. Compact with plenty of punch.

Hunter Shea with Triangles and Musk, Cryptid craziness at it’s best, with aliens for good measure!

Mercedes M. Yardley with Everyday Kintsugi: The Glory of Her Broken Parts, a heart breaking look at our disposable world.

Chad Lutkze with Boys Don’t Cry, as we tag along with a couple of boys who crash a funeral.

I no doubt missed props to more than a few names, as there were dozens of writers in this collection. But, I can’t say enough about the quality of writing we get from the authors in One of Us. This is a great book with a ton of fun stories. And, though I didn’t know Frank Errington, I enjoyed the recounting of interactions from many of his friends in One of Us.


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