The More Things Change . . . By Lynn Steigleder

The more things change . . . the more things continue to change.

Thinking back on the days when I was but a young lad, the television and antenna were the only game in town as far as reception. Before the advent of cable, what I considered a good movie (science fiction) was rare. When one of my favorites hit the airways, I was enthralled by stop motion animation and to see a dinosaur stomping through the middle of Manhattan left me wide eyed and amazed. The celluloid contributions with men dressed in suits, i.e. Godzilla, left me sorely lacking with entertainment satisfaction. This was the case until go-motion hit the silver screen with Jurassic Park in 1993.

This love for science fiction no doubt prompted my penning short stories in high school and then again as a young man. It did not cross my mind to become a writer until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and this was at the behest of my son. My first manuscript, Rising Tide, aimed toward science fiction. What began as a sci-fi notion evolved into a cover-to-cover menagerie of genres.

As I began to write, dystopian became the premise of the book. I certainly never saw that coming. The more I filled unwritten chapters, the more this unexpected theme began to intensify. I continued to tap on the keys, watching words cover the virtual paper. Taking a closer look, were these my words? I was not sure, because now what lay before me was the work of a fantasy author. Fortunately, I found myself easily encompassing the two genres as one.

Continuing my journey through Rising Tide, the science fiction finally popped out. I had graduated to the ranks of an author with a multi-genre complex. This continued until the end of the novel when I realize there was a strand of romance woven throughout.

Moving deeper into the world of a fiction novelist, my inclusion of different genres became complete. Being a Christian there is no offensive language or sexual situations in any of my novels; however, when it comes to killing demons or vice versa, the violence can get a bit dicey if not downright graphic.

I have published four novels and am working on the fifth. Sci-fi, dystopian and fantasy seems to have become my mantra, although I am considering widening that corridor in the near future. Visit my website for information and enjoy.


Lynn Steigleder was born in Virginia. He spent most of his young adult life as a supervisor in the field of construction and fabrication. When Lynn’s department was outsourced within two months of his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he realized the need to transition into a new career path.

During a fishing trip, his son suggested that he consider writing as a career having enjoyed short stories written by his father in years past. Lynn agreed to the challenge and his first novel, Rising Tide, was accepted for publication. Lynn has continued to work on the Rising Tide series. Eden’s Wake is the second book and Deadly Reign the third in the series published by Christopher Mathews Publishing. Lynn has two more novels in the draft stage close to completion.

This latest release Terminal Core is a stand-alone science fiction novel.


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