I recently read two of LE Fitzpatrick’s books. Safe Haven and The Running Game for my Women in Horror feature. She was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with me here at The Scary Reviews. LE Fitzpatrick is a writer of dark adventure stories and thrillers. She has just released THE RUNNING GAME, the first in her paranormal thriller series, set in dystopia London under the Booktrope label and is working on the next installment in the series. Thank you again LE for talking with me and I very much enjoyed the two books I read in the reacher series.

LE Fitzpatrick


The Scary Reviews:  Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? What propelled you to start writing? When did you start writing?

LE Fitzpatrick:  I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and started writing from as early as I can remember. In my primary school years I was one of the few kids to be allowed to use the computer (we only had one per class) to do my English work on because I’d write such big stories. When I turned 11 we relocated to West Wales, where I still live with my family and it was here I really started to churn out full novels and develop my writing.

TSR:  Who are you favorite authors? Which author(s) had a significant impact on you growing up?

LEF:  When I was younger I read a lot of horror. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but I’d always save up for the latest Anne Rice or Stephen King. When I hit my late teens I discovered Neil Gaiman who was a big influence. Also Scott Lynch and David Gemmel. But my favourite author is the incredible John Connolly and I am eagerly awaiting his next installment to the Charlie Parker series this month.

TSR:  What book are you reading now?

LEF:  At the minute I’m currently reading The Last Time She Saw Him by Jane Haseldine and I’ll be interviewing her soon for The Big Thrill, a magazine run by the International Thrillers Association.

TSR:  What inspired you to write your first book?

LEF:  My first real book was about vampires – I think. I wrote it when I was seven or eight and it probably came from a lot of Anne Rice and vampire films I probably shouldn’t have been watching. The first book I wrote with the intention of publishing was Dark Waters, it was inspired by a keen interest in piracy (the swashbuckling kind not the stealing books kind) and fantasy fiction.

TSR:  What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

LEF:  I do a lot of editing and proofreading work for other authors… that probably doesn’t count. I love films and music – mainly action packed and loud for both. I’m also a bit of a foodie and I have a little job in a restaurant to keep my out of trouble. And of course spending time with my family too.

TSR:  Are there any reviews of your work, positive or negative that have stayed with you?

LEF:  The first ever review I got for Dark Waters simply said – without a star rating – “Good read.” It always makes me laugh. I’ve had some incredible reviews for my later books, especially The Running Game, and a few bad ones that would haunt me if I think about them too much.

TSR:  For those who haven’t read any of your books, what book of yours do you think best represents your work and why?

LEF:  The Running Game is where I’d start. It’s the book I wrote after Dark Waters and the first book I signed with a publisher. I’m still developing the series and I’m incredibly proud of it.

TSR:  Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

LEF:  The hardest thing for me, especially with The Running Game and the Reacher Series is getting all the threads complex enough to keep the readers guessing, but not tangling myself up in them. I’m sure some of the best thriller authors are super intelligent and can do this without thinking, but for me it’s a constant battle.

TSR:  Can you tell us a little about your current/latest book?

LEF:  The next book due to be published is the sequel to The Running Game. The story is called Border Lines and it should be out around September all being well.

TSR:  What’s next on your agenda?

LEF:  Next I’m working on book 3 in the series, as well as a few short stories to keep me busy.