Ty Arthur – Empty Review

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Hansen is a junior level engineer working alone on the lower decks of the salvage vessel Penrose. He’s not bothered by his solitude as he works to keep the ship in working order, but his routine has become mundane. On one of his daily inspections he finds a strange red orb in the ventilation system. Before he can retrieve the object for further inspection is disappears and Hansen returns to his duties. His boss chief technical officer Planck has requested him in his office. Suspicious and worried about the request, due to his sometimes lack luster work, Hansen makes his way quickly to the upper decks. Planck has informed Hansen that the research vessel Thorne has been found in orbit and apparently void of its crew.

Hansen has been reassigned to explore and take inventory on board Thorne. This being a salvage mission Hansen is as excited as he is apprehensive. The chief technical officer has deemed him the last man capable of this task which leaves him feeling a bit suspicious but Hansen is happy to have a work order with some excitement but wonders what his boss is up to. Exploring a vessel as ancient and rare as the Thorne is an opportunity not to be missed. This ship is a relic compared to the Penrose. Hansen finds himself aboard the Thorne and all seems in order until he catches a glimpse of another strange red object. That isn’t all that is strange as Hansen feels the Thorne detaching from the Penrose. Now his earlier suspicion has returned full force as he wonders if his latest work order was meant to be his last.

Ty Arthur has an excellent way of writing and filling our heads with all the sci-fi elements of a classic space adventure. From the technology to the dangers of space travel and exploration. You feel the desperate feelings quickly as Hansen scrambles for safety. As he learns what the mystery organism is his desperation rises. When he figures out the organisms plans for the crew of the Penrose it’s game over. While Empty is very short and a quick read it has a great beginning, build up and ending that left me wanting more.

Book Info

Length:  80 Pages

Publisher:  Mirror Matter Press

Release date:  January 12, 2016

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There are terrors still waiting to be discovered in the vast emptiness of space. After millennia of travel through the void, man has convinced himself he is master of the stars. Down-on-his-luck, stuck performing punishment duty in the lower levels of the Penrose, Junior Engineer 3rd Class Hansen wants nothing more than to see the wreckage of a newly discovered ship dating back to man’s earliest deep space explorations. The engineer is about to get his wish, and in the process come face-to-face with a long-dormant horror waiting patiently for the perfect vessel. What he’ll uncover in the darkness will threaten to consume him, body and soul.

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