Eddie Jose Morales – Fright Tales Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

I’ve had the pleasure of following Eddie Jose Morales for the past year or so. As with most of the authors I read and get to know I can’t remember how I meet them. Some of Eddie’s shorts I’ve read long before they were collected in Fright Tales. I remember reading them on Quarter reads and after reading one I just kept reading them all, I was hooked and couldn’t stop. Now I have the pleasure of reading his debut collection containing these and many more. Fright Tales has Zombies, one of my favorites, along with a variety of monsters. The stories are not just about scaring you but having fun at the same time. Eddie has quite a sense of humor while scaring us with ghosts, crazed killers and zombies.

One of my early favorites in this book is the story Funeral Plans. The main character Don has suffered anxiety and strange visions since the death of his sister. His grandfather has become ill and Don again has to face his discomfort with death. He visits a few funeral homes to make the appropriate plans and no thanks to the circumstances his condition only worsens. As the years pass and he again has to deal with his grandmothers death. In the end he has learned to live with what life throws at us and is finally content. Eddie Morales fills this story with a great mix of horror that Don has to deal with death. He writes a character I really liked and was glad to see that even in a horror story sometimes we get a happy ending.

Fright Tales also has a few stories that are connected where secret lab experiments have gone wrong. This was a treat to find because of my never-ending curiosity about what happens after the story comes to an end. It’s like a bonus and I got to see a little more of the world Eddie has created. And the continuation was great as the secret work done in the lab had very adverse effects. But this isn’t the last we see of Bob and his close call with Zombies. The story has yet another part! Connected or continuing stories in collections are the best. As this story goes it all comes together full circle as a wedding party is over run with yet more zombies!

The Lady is a Bug is also a very good short, something out of a horror movie. A woman is attacked by a mutant ladybug and all hell breaks loose. As you can imagine things don’t go well for anyone she finds. Fright Tales is filled with some fun horror stories and many scares. There are quite a few really good ghost stories in the collection making me wonder if Eddie has seen a few ghosts himself?

Book Info

Length:  132 Pages

Release date:  April 18, 2016

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Attention all you horror lovers, there’s a new kid in town. Remember where you were the first time you heard the name, Eddie Jose Morales, the author who is going to scare you senseless for many years to come.

In this, his first collection of thirteen short horror stories you will find everything from creatures, zombies, a sexy vampire, psychos and illogical fears, to ghosts and freaky ghouls.

The Hunched Monkey – Jennifer and Henry discover that lab experiments can be deadly.

Bite of the Female Vampire – Whether dreaming or not, men cannot resist her striking appeal.

Funeral Plans –Don learns that planning a funeral can be damaging to his mental health.

The Burning Sorceress –The people of Willow Creek get more than they bargained for when Rebecca moves into town.

Zombiefest –Bob and his son Joey get entangle in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

A Shopaholic Killer –Linda loves to shop, but she is not your typical neighborhood mom.

Haunted Cabin by the Cemetery – Jordan encounters a cabin’s ghostly past.

The Lady is a Bug – A hybrid creature seeks revenge.

East Coast Zombie Virus – A man-made virus quickly spreads and threatens the East Coast of the United States.

Ghost in the House –A teenage boy and his mom are haunted by a ghost when they move to the suburbs.

The House of Death –Finding shelter in an abandoned Victorian house has its disadvantages.

The Last Camping Trip –A weekend trip turns into a nightmare as a psychotic killer is on the loose.

The Wedding Dead – A newlywed couple battle with their wedding zombie guests to stay alive.

These perfect fright tales are tailored for the enthusiastic horror fan, although not for the faint-hearted! Eddie Jose Morales at his blood curdling best!

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